• “Within an hour of purchasing the special offer Mike from Professional Resumes had contacted me via e-mail and by phone.He went above and beyond my expectations. He stayed in contact with me on a regular basis, making sure he had a good understanding of what I needed for the specific job I was applying for and an understanding of my overall skills and training. He sent me a few rough drafts, and would contact me to follow-up on any changes that might need to be made. Mike let me know I could contact him after regular working hours and on weekends which made the process very easy forme. He was able to take over 20 years of work experience information and condense it into a one-page resume, which was something I had been attempting to do for the past year or two. Near the final completion of the original resume and cover letter requested, I asked if I could get additional resumes pertaining two other jobs I was considering applying for. In the end I received 3 resumes and two cover letters with an extremely reasonable additional charge for the extra work, which I was happy to pay.Mike was very professional and all work was completed in a timely manner. I would defiantly useProfessional Resumes again.”- Dorothy H.


  •  “I hired professional resumes to make my resume fit another job I was applying for. This was the second time I have used them. I wanted to apply for another specific job and they made my resume fit the job description and it was perfect. This was another good experience with them and was very happy with the final product.”- Joe S.
  • “Mike was pleasant and professional during our ‘kick off’ phone conversation. He set a reasonable timeline for completing the work and seemed to care about the direction and tone I wanted to set with my resume. With my goals in mind, he worked through several iterations, ultimately arriving at a great looking (and sounding) resume and cover letter. The service was performed in a timely manner and he was very willing to collaborate on the document – it wasn’t a ‘my way or the highway’ type attitude. I would certainly recommend them to anyone needing a resume or cover letter.”- Roberta H.


  • “They provided me with up-to-date resume and cover letters styles that I knew nothing about since it has been over 6 years since I updated my resume. I feel confident that when I need to send out my new resume, it will definitely help me get the type of job I am looking for.”- Susan M.


  • “Professional Resumes created a more updated resume. I took early retirement at the age of 41, and I wanted a resume that would get me a chance at an interview. Michael was helpful and professional. He address all my concerns. |I would use him again.”- Sharon H.


  • “Easy to communicate with and responsive to inquiries. I would highly recommend this provider for the services we received.”- Theresa H.


  • “Mike reorganized my resume to highlight certain skills and professional accomplishments. I was satisfied with the level of service and the final product. I would recommend this service to a friend. Mike was professional and clearly has a lot of experience in this field. He was a pleasure to work with.”- Matthew R.


  • “This was a great experience from start to finish. Mike was very prompt from the time I purchased the deal and still answers questions for me weeks after completion of the resume. Mike truly cares about my job search and even offered some advice about the interview process and which postings to pursue. Thanks Professional Resumes!”- Kyle T.


  • “It was a wonderful, A+ experience. He got my information over the phone, and he constantly emailed me samples that we edited and reviewed together over the course of a week or so. Once it was all done, he brought a flash drive to my home, we downloaded everything to it, and he helped me out with showing me how to go about applying my resume in a variety of situations. The end result was worded beautifully, and Michael was incredibly kind and trustworthy. All that being said, the most important takeaway from the experience was that I submitted my resume to one company and was hired almost immediately. Michael did a great job”- Sara C.


  • “It went well. Kept in contact with me and updated me on their progress on a regular basis. Provided me a very good update to my resume. I was very pleased.”- Patricia A.

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